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Bay Area’s Musicianship Mastery Camp!

I run a Musicianship Mastery Camp to help music students, currently taking private lessons, to practice theory, sight reading, improvisation, composition, dictation and harmony. We are a week-long day camp out of a home studio in Palo Alto! Follow the link for more information:

While at Brigham Young University, I helped organize an Opera Chorus course for vocal majors to complete their ensemble credit. This would enable scheduled time for chorus music & blocking rehearsals, and an extra Opera Scenes show each year. Here we are in Die Fledermaus!

Teaching solfège symbols at an orphanage in Monte Cristi, the Dominican Republic with non-profit Outreach 360. The children affectionately nicknamed me Doremi 🙂

I completed a K-12 Music Education Teaching Certificate and worked with the students of Taylorsville High, Utah. Here is a final rehearsal with the Taylorsville Madrigals!

Currently Teaching: Tanglewood Theory classes, private lessons out of my apartment in Boston, Ear Training classes at Boston University, active substitute for Handel and Haydn and New England Conservatory’s Preparatory Schools.

Teaching ~ Joy that comes as a result of shared understanding when we make music together